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Adorned in a resplendent 18th-century ensemble, Lord L'heure du thé radiates an aura of elegance and sophistication that transports onlookers to a bygone era. With a delightful mushroom serving as his umbrella, shielding him from the gentle drizzle, he epitomizes the very essence of enchantment and grace.

Surrounded by the whimsical mushrooms, each adorned with clock faces, Lord L'heure du thé, spreads joy to all fortunate enough to cross his path.

Amidst his whimsical mushroom-hunting adventures, Rabbit Lord L'heure du thé unwavering belief is that time should always make room for tea. Join him for a moment of serene sipping, a pause for contemplation, and a jubilation of the enchantment that envelops us.


Rabbit Lord L'heure du thé comes with a single and bundle of mushrooms


Handcrafted mixed media sculpture by Cat-arzyna.



Height:40 cm 

Length: 16cm

Width: 18cm




Lord L'heure du thé

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