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Introducing Handcrafted Mystical Barn Owl Wall Sculpture!


 Isadora, the Royal Keeper of Ancient Lore—a captivating owl sculpture that transcends time and tradition.


Isadora stands as a regal guardian, her golden heart pulsating with the wisdom of ages past. With a majestic crown adorning her head, she embodies a timeless connection to the regality of yesteryears.


Her talons clasp the rolled pages of an old book, symbolizing the preservation of ancient knowledge. Isadora's presence exudes a sense of mystery and enlightenment, a silent witness to the stories woven into the fabric of time.


Elegantly adorned with a royal ruff made of old book pages, she captures the essence of a bygone era. Isadora invites you to bask in the aura of her wisdom, a luminary figure who transcends the ordinary.


Handmade by Cat-arzyna



Height:50cm (19.6in)

Length: 12cm (4.7in)

Width: 29cm (11.4in)



"Isadora, the Royal Keeper of Ancient Lore"

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