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 Introducing "Pierre Caneton" - A Whimsical Touch to Your Home Decor

The enchanting "Pierre Caneton," a little prince duckling that transcends the ordinary.

Pierre isn't just a sculpture; he's a symbol of joy and compassion through art. Invite his enchanting presence into your home and embrace a commitment to vegan taxidermy, celebrating nature's beauty without harm.


Pierre is more than a decorative piece; he's a piece that adds a touch of French elegance, Shabby Chic charm, or Vintage style to your home.


Handmade by Cat-arzyna




Height: 27cm (10.62 in) with crown

Length: 18cm (7 in)

Width: 11cm (4.33in)


NOT A TOY - For Decorative Indoor Use Only

Pierre Caneton

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