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Step into the 18th Century with my painting. Capturing the timeless allure of that era, this piece features a gracefully depicted woman adorned in a captivating blue dress, evoking the refined aesthetics of yesteryears.


Encased in a distressed white frame, meticulously crafted by hand, this artwork exudes an antique charm, adding a touch of sophistication to any space it graces. 


To ensure its longevity and preserve its allure, the painting is meticulously varnished, safeguarding its colors and textures for years to come. 


Bring home a piece of history and add a touch of classical sophistication to your space with this painting.


Handmade frame and Pastel Painting by Cat-arzyna



Height: 61m (24.01in)

Width: 48cm (18.89in)

Deep: 1.5cm (0.59in) 

Portrait "The Lady in Blue"

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