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Behold Prince Charles, a majestic white duck, and his son, a small duckling destined to become an extraordinary and talented commander. Together, they shall reign over the pond with an influence that spans far and wide, reminiscent of the great Napoleon.


Prince Charles stands tall, his snowy plumage radiating an air of regality, while his young offspring, an embodiment of promise, exudes the spirit of leadership and command. As the future ruler of the pond, this duckling is poised to make a profound impact that resonates throughout its watery realm.


This piece of art is a handmade mixed media ducks sculpture, meticulously crafted by Cat-arzyna. With a keen eye for detail and a passion for bringing life to her creations.


Dimensions (Prince)

Height: 35cm

Length: 29cm

Width: 15cm



Prince Charles and His Future Commander

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