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Discover the enchanting tale of Swan Queen Antoinette and her daughter, Marie, a story that unfolds in the heart of a magical kingdom, Antoinette and Marie embody elegance and grace. The Swan Queen sculpture beautifully captures this magical narrative, bringing the timeless elegance and beauty of Antoinette and Marie to your home.


The exquisite heart pendant adorning Antoinette's neck not only symbolizes the enduring love between a mother and her daughter but also features a delicate monogram of Marie Antoinette, adding a personalized touch to this enchanting piece. Elevate your space with a touch of enchantment and create a captivating ambiance that echoes the enduring power of familial love.


Handmade by Cat-arzyna


Dimensions (Queen)

Height: 53cm (20.9 in)

Length: 50cm (19.7 in)

Width: 27cm (10.6in)



For decorative indoor use only

Swan Queen Antoinette and her daughter Marie

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