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Explore the Beauty of Patina and the Symbolism of the Wreath


This unique piece by Cat-arzyna not only captivates with its beauty but also carries profound symbolism. Painted on natural canvas using ancient techniques and milk paint, it is crafted with distressed and aged methods, exuding a natural patina and adding distinctive character.


At its core is a wreath composition featuring oak and laurel leaves. Oak leaves have long symbolized strength, durability, and courage, while laurel leaves signify glory, victory, and excellence. Together, they create a visually rich image that transcends mere aesthetics.


The process of hand-painting not only imparts a patina to the artwork but also infuses it with an ancient charm and worn character. Details emerging from the colors enrich the painting, giving it an aura of magic and mystery.


Durable and easy to ship, this natural canvas offers versatility. You have the option to frame it for a classic touch, mount it on a wooden panel, or hang it elegantly as a tapestry, allowing you to tailor its presentation to suit your unique aesthetic preferences



Height: 76cm (29.92 in)

Width: 53cm (20.86 in)

A Tapestry of Time - Wreath of Strength and Glory

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