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Once in the celestial realm of Melody, three singing royal angels—Love, Freedom, and Harmony—led a divine choir enchanting the heavens.


Love held a flickering candle, radiating compassion. Freedom, with a bird in hand, symbolized joyous liberation. Harmony wove a wreath, uniting diverse notes in perfect synchrony.


The magic of these angelic tunes spread, creating joy and unity among people.


These angels brings a sense of serenity and beauty to your space. Whether you place her as a centerpiece for your holiday decor or as a permanent fixture in your home.


By Cat-arzyna


Dimensions ( Angel with Candelholder)

Height: 67cm(26in)

Length: 25cm(9.8in)

Width: 32cm(12.5in)






"Celestial Symphony: Love, Freedom, and Harmony"

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