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Behold the sculpture of an angel holding a candelabra. This angel, will not only bring a radiant glow to your interior but also infuse your space with an enchanting aura, perfect for both the holiday season and year-round.


This angel stands as a regal sentinel, radiating an air of nobility. 


The royal angel dons an intricately crafted crown, a symbol of her celestial authority, and a necklace adorned with a heart-shaped pendant, symbolizing love and compassion. 


The sculpture is finished in an antique, rustic style reminiscent of ancient religious art. The weathered texture and aged patina give it an aura of history and spiritual significance. It's as if this angel has emerged from a bygone era, carrying with her the wisdom of the ages.


This angel with her candelabra brings not only light but also a sense of serenity and beauty to your space. Whether you place her as a centerpiece for your holiday decor or as a permanent fixture in your home



Height: 74cm

Length: 34cm

Width: 30cm




Emissary of Light

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