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This unique piece by Cat-arzyna captivates with its timeless beauty. Painted on natural canvas using ancient techniques and milky paint, it is crafted through aged and weathered methods, emanating a natural patina and adding distinctive character.

At the heart of the composition is a medallion featuring a lady surrounded by garlands, with the garlands delicately holding white doves. The process of hand-painting not only imparts a patina to the artwork but also infuses it with an ancient charm and weathered character, creating an aura of magic and mystery.

This durable natural canvas is easy to transport, offering versatility in its display. You can choose to frame it in a classic frame, mount it on a wooden panel, or elegantly hang it as a tapestry, allowing you to customize its presentation according to your unique aesthetic preferences. Discover the allure of patina in this exceptional tapestry that radiates history and magic.



Height: 60cm( 23.62in)

Width: 95cm (37.40 in)

The Ancient Charms: Medallion with Lady

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